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詩才堪與名流和 譯筆敢教高手惶




The Rape of Lucrece《鲁克瑞丝受辱记》(1-22)【英】莎士比亚  

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To the 呈
Right Honorable Henry Wriothesly,         南安浦墩伯爵兼提齐菲尔德男爵 
Earl of Southampton, and Baron of Tichfield. 亨利·莱奥瑟斯雷阁下
    The love I dedicate to your lordship is without end; 我奉献予阁下的爱无止无尽;
whereof this pamphlet, without beginning,关于这本无头的小册子,is but a superfluous 
moiety.只是这种爱的溢湧而已。The warrant I have of your honourable disposition,not 
the worth of my untutored lines, makes it assured of acceptance.拙作惠蒙嘉纳,缘于
您的厚爱,而并非不才粗陋的诗行有何价值。What I have done is yours;我已做的一切归您;
what I have to do is yours;我该做的一切归您;being part in all I have, devoted 
yours. 我所有的一切全奉献于您。Were my worth greater,我若得以升华,my duty would show 
greater;将更表敬意;meantime,同时,as it is,it is bound to your lordship, 谨以此奉赠
阁下,to whom I wish long life, still lengthened with all happiness.恭祝大人福绵寿永。
                               Your lordship's in all duty,尊奉阁下之 
                                            WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE.-威廉·莎士比亚  





















The Argument 梗概
Lucius Tarquinius,路谢斯·塔昆涅斯,for his excessive pride surnamed Superbus,他有

个极骄傲的诨名“万宝全”,after he had caused his own father-in-law Servius Tullius to

be cruelly murdered,在导致其岳父瑟维厄斯*忒琉斯惨遭杀害后,and, contrary to the Roman

laws and customs,违悖罗马法度与惯例,not requiring or staying for the people's

suffrages,未经征询民意或俟候公决,had possessed himself of the kingdom,径自攫取了

王位;went, accompanied with his sons and other noblemen of Rome,to besiege Ardea.

继而率其诸子及罗马其他贵族围攻阿狄艾城。During which siege the principal men of the

army meeting one evening at the tent of Sextus Tarquinius,the king's son, 是役某晚,

众将领在王子赛克斯·塔昆涅斯帐篷里聚会,in their discourses after supper every one

commended the virtues of his own wife:饭后闲聊时,各人皆夸许自己妻房之美德;among whom Collatinus extolled the incomparable chastity of his wife Lucretia.其间,

柯拉亭努斯更盛赞其妻鲁克瑞雪贞淑无比。In that pleasant humour they posted to Rome;他们

乘余兴赶往罗马,and intending, by their secret and sudden arrival,意欲借此突然的秘密

造访,to make trial of that which every one had before avouched,以验证各位所言之虚实。

only Collatinus finds his wife, though it were late in the night, spinning

amongst her maids:结果发现:唯柯拉亭努斯之妻深夜犹率侍女们纺绩,the other ladies were

all found dancing and revelling, or in several disports.其余各位的太太都在跳舞、饮宴

或娱乐。Whereupon the noblemen yielded Collatinus the victory,众贵族遂公认柯拉亭努斯

胜出,and his wife the fame.并认可其妻之令名。At that time Sextus Tarquinius being inflamed with Lucrece' beauty,其时,赛克斯*塔昆涅斯已因鲁克瑞丝之美貌而动念,yet

smothering his passions for the present,但暂且抑忍欲火,departed with the rest back

to the camp;随众归返军营;from whence he shortly after privily withdrew himself,and was, according to his estate, royally entertained and lodged by Lucrece at


The same night he treacherously stealeth into her chamber,violently ravished

her,当夜,他卑鄙无耻地潜入柯拉亭夫人的卧室以武力强暴,and early in the morning

speedeth away.并于凌晨仓促逃离。Lucrece, in this lamentable plight,鲁克瑞丝悲痛

欲绝,hastily dispatcheth messengers,即速派遣信使-one to Rome for her father,

-去罗马请她父亲,another to the camp for Collatine.另一去军营请回柯拉亭。They came,

他们来时,the one accompanied with Junius Brutus,-一个由裘涅斯·布鲁特斯陪同,the

other with Publius Valerius;另一个由帕布留斯·维勒柔斯相随-and finding Lucrece

attired in mourning habit,发现鲁克瑞丝身披丧服,demanded the cause of her sorrow.

便索问其悲痛之由。She, first taking an oath of them for her revenge,鲁克瑞丝首先要

他们起誓为她报仇,revealed the actor, and whole manner of his dealing,然后揭露了

罪犯及其全部恶行,and withal suddenly stabbed herself.接着便遽然举刀自尽。Which done,

嗣后,with one consent they all vowed to root out the whole hated family of the Tarquins;在场者众口一辞,誓言彻底铲除可恶的塔昆家族;and bearing the dead body to

Rome,他们抬着鲁克瑞丝的尸首来到罗马,Brutus acquainted the people with the doer and

manner of the vile deed,布鲁特斯向人民昭告罪魁及其卑劣行径与丑恶嘴脸,with a bitter

invective against the tyranny of the king;并猛烈抨击国王的暴政。 wherewith the

people were so moved,人们深为震撼,that with one consent and a general

acclamation the Tarquins were all exiled,一致赞同将塔昆家族尽行放逐,并热烈鼓掌欢呼;

and the state government changed from kings to consuls.国政遂由王族转由执政官行使。








     裘涅斯·布鲁特斯-Marcus Junius Brutus(公元前85-42),古罗马政客






  1. 根据古羅馬傳說,路修斯·塔昆紐斯(或塔昆)是羅馬王政時代的最后一個國王。他在謀殺岳父、篡据王



       2. “蘇佩布斯”即“自大狂”之意。

       3. 阿狄亞城在羅馬以南二十四英里。

       4. 柯拉廷努斯(或柯拉廷)是國王路修斯·塔昆紐斯的外甥。

       5. 柯拉廷城堡在羅馬以東十英里。

       6. 裘涅斯·勃魯托斯,傳說中的羅馬貴族。他的父親和長兄都被路修斯·塔昆紐斯殺害,他偽裝痴呆,得免于


       7. 浦布琉斯·瓦勒柔斯,羅馬很有名望的紳士。柯拉廷努斯退隱后,他曾擔任執政官。





[1] 罗马王政时代最后一位国王。

[2] 苏伯勃斯(Superbus),意为“狂妄自大”。

[3] 科拉廷(Collatium)城市名,位于罗马东十英里。

[4] 裘涅斯·布鲁托斯,罗马贵族。他的兄弟被鲁歇斯·塔昆涅斯所杀;为避尔身之祸,他一直伪装痴呆。

[5] 帕勃律斯·凡勒律斯,罗马贵族。科拉丁退隐后,曾任执政官。


FROM the besieged Ardea all in post,               自围城阿狄艾匆匆离开,

 Borne by the trustless wings of false desire,      塔昆从罗马军营中溜差,

Lust-breathed Tarquin leaves the Roman host,背信的飞翼将邪念承载,

 And to Collatium bears the lightless fire            他胸中的欲火闷烧难耐,

 Which, in pale embers hid, lurks to aspire         余烬不熄,去柯拉亭邸宅,

  And girdle with embracing flames the waist       渴望以火热激情去搂抱-

  Of Collatine's fair love, Lucrece the chaste.      柯拉亭贞淑爱妻的蛮腰。

[附1]:杨徳豫教授译本-         [附2]:陈才宇教授译本-

淫念熏心的塔昆,从罗马军营溜号,      欲火中烧的塔昆急急离开军营,

 不可凭恃的邪欲,举双翼将他引导;                   他振颤着淫欲那邪恶的双翼,

【似缺漏一行】                                                   从被围的阿狄西赶往科拉廷,

 他急急忙忙赶路,揣着无光的火苗—                    无光的火在白色的余烬中隐匿,

 这火苗藏在灰烬里,只等时机一到,                    那火星随时觑视爆发的时机,

  会燃起烈焰一团,前去紧紧环抱                           以便化作熊熊烈焰去拥抱

  柯拉廷贞淑的妻子—鲁克丽丝的纤腰。        科拉丁的贞妻鲁克丽丝的腰。


Haply that name of "chaste" unhapp'ly set     兴许是不幸,“贞淑”的美誉,

 This bateless edge on his keen appetite;             磨砺了塔昆强烈的情欲;

When Collatine unwisely did not let                      柯拉亭不该轻率地称许-

 To praise the clear unmatched red and white       那明艳无比的红颜如玉,

 Which triumphed in that sky of his delight,          -这是他笙歌狂喜的天宇,

  Where mortal stars, as bright as heaven's beauties,世上的明星,亮丽如天人,

  With pure aspects did him peculiar duties.                以清纯之貌,他独享荣尊。

[附1]:杨徳豫教授译本-         [附2]:陈才宇教授译本-

也许,偏偏不幸,正是这“贞淑”的美名             也许,正是这“贞淑”的美名,

 勾起了塔昆的情欲,犹如给利刀添刃;                 不幸激起了他强烈的情欲;

只因不智的柯拉廷,不应该百般赞颂                     怪只怪科拉丁自己嘴巴不严,

 是何种无与伦比的,明丽的嫩白与嫣红                  情不自禁称赞妻子仪态绰约,

 显耀在她的脸上—那是他仰慕的天穹;                  说她长得嫣红白嫩,美艳超绝;

  那儿,伊人的星眸,亮似天国的银星,                  她的双眸犹如天上的星斗,

  以冰清玉洁的柔辉,向他效忠致敬。                      纯洁的光辉供他一人消受。

For he the night before, in Tarquin's tent,           因前一夜在塔昆的帐幕,

 Unlock'd the treasure of his happy state:            柯拉亭兴奋地揭示宝物:

What priceless wealth the heavens had him lent上苍赐予他无价的财富-

 In the possession of his beauteous mate;          与俊俏的佳偶团圞花烛;

 Reckoning his fortune at such high-proud rate, 他志得意满,夸耀着运数,

  That kings might be espoused to more fame,    帝王婚娶,纵然声名显赫,

  But king nor peer to such a peerless dame.      却无缘一睹无双的绝色。

[附1]:杨徳豫教授译本-         [附2]:陈才宇教授译本-

只因前一天夜晚,在塔昆王子的帐幕,                只因前一夜晚,在塔昆的帐篷,

 他不该向众人揭示他所享有的艳福,                    他向人们夸耀自己享有的幸福;

说是上天赐予他无比珍贵的财富—                       他说上天赐予他无价的福分,

 与这美貌的淑女,结成美满的眷属;                    使他有缘与丽姝结为伴侣;

 他矜夸他的幸运,口气高傲而自负,                    他以无比自豪的口吻吹嘘:

  说是帝王贵胄们尽管威名卓著,                           帝王们或许能获得更高的声名,

  他们却休想匹配这位无匹的仙姝。                        但他们得不到如此绝色的佳人。

O happiness enjoy'd but of a few!                  可有几人哟,能得享幸福!

 And, if possess'd, as soon decay'd and done即便拥有过,不久也朽腐,

As is the morning's silver-melting dew            一如融银般的莹莹朝露,

 Against the golden splendor of the sun!        在旭日金辉下踪影全无!

 An expired date, cancell'd ere well begun.     未好好开始,便过期结束。

  Honour and beauty, in the owner's arms,      名誉和美丽,在主人怀中,

  Are weakly fortress'd from a world of harms. 保护不力,怎敌伤害重重!

 [附1]:杨徳豫教授译本-         [附2]:陈才宇教授译本-

世间有几个幸运儿,曾尽情享受欢悦!                 哦,世界能有几人获得过幸福?

 即使让人享有了,欢悦也易于幻灭,                     即使真的得到了,也会顷刻烟消,

急遽有如清晓一珠珠银白的露液,                         就像一颗颗银白色的晨露,

 在骄阳金辉凌迫下,消失得不知不觉。                  抵御不住太阳金光的照耀!

 还未曾好好开始,便只得草草了结。                      好事刚刚开始,就已期终下梢,

  淑女的丽质荣名,托庇于主人的肘腋,                  荣誉与美貌任凭你百般护防,

  未免防护欠周,难抵挡万般罪孽。                         也经不起人间邪恶的摧残。

Beauty itself doth of itself persuade          无须演说家,-对睽睽众目-

 The eyes of men without an orator;           美之本身便可令人信服;

What needeth then apologies be made,    还有何必要去娓娓阐述-

 To set forth that which is so singular?        那无与伦比的绝色尤物?

 Or why is Collatine the publisher                既拥有珍宝,该深藏不露-

  Of that rich jewel he should keep unknown以防那些贼溜溜的耳朵,

  From thievish ears, because it is his own?柯拉亭又何苦炫耀散播?

[附1]:杨徳豫教授译本-         [附2]:陈才宇教授译本-

不需滔滔的辩才,不需娓娓的谈吐,                    美用不着如簧之舌为之罗嗦,

 “美”本身自有权威,把睽睽众目说服;             它本身就能把男人的眼睛说服;

那么,柯拉廷又何苦喋喋不休地申述,                 既然她妻子无与伦比超群荦荦,

 在稠人广众之间,赞颂那无双的宝物?                 又何必费心劳神为她辩护?

 既然那稀世之珍,是他独占的财富,                     为什么科拉丁竟然这般糊涂,

  就应该深藏不露,谨防觊觎的耳目,                     不懂得有宝物切不可张扬,

  为什么它的主公,偏将它广为传布?                     免得盗贼听见,难以防范?

Perchance his boast of Lucrece' sovereignty                  也许是他对夫权的炫示,

 Suggested this proud issue of a king;                              撩拨了那位自负的王子;

For by our ears our hearts oft tainted be.                        人心往往为传闻所侵蚀。

 Perchance that envy of so rich a thing,                            也许是艳羡如此的好事,

 Braving compare, disdainfully did sting                            冒昧的攀比,倨傲的戟刺-

  His high-pitch'd thoughts, that meaner men should vaunt下属的夸耀,触痛其高调-  

  That golden hap which their superiors want.       天大的宠幸,乃上司所要。

[附1]:杨徳豫教授译本-         [附2]:陈才宇教授译本-

他自夸艳福无比—做鲁克丽丝的主君,                也许是他对鲁克丽丝美德的吹嘘,

 也许,这恰恰怂恿了倨傲的王子塔昆;                诱发了这位高傲王子的邪念;

人们邪念的萌动,往往导源于耳闻;                    因为我们的心灵最容易被耳朵玷污;

 也许,由于这王子艳羡这异宝奇珍,                    也许是出于嫉妒这一种稀世珍品,

 无情的对比刺痛了他那高傲的自尊—                    轻慢的对比深深刺痛了他的自尊,

  品位较低的臣属,竟能够夸耀他们                        地位在下的人竟敢夸口炫耀,

  享有他们的尊长也不曾享有的福分。                    说自己有位尊者缺乏的运道。

But some untimely thought did instigate                若非那些,令他心急火燎,

 His all-too-timeless speed, if none of those:          而只是不合时宜的思考:

His honour, his affairs, his friends, his state,         什么地位、朋友、隐私、荣耀,

 Neglected all, with swift intent he goes                  全然都不顾,他心血来潮-

 To quench the coal which in his liver glows.         去浇灭心头的欲火中烧。

  O rash false heat, wrapp'd in repentant cold,       急急虚火哟,挟懊悔寒潮,

  Thy hasty spring still blasts, and ne'er grows old!你匆匆萌芽,必无以终老!

[附1]:杨徳豫教授译本-         [附2]:陈才宇教授译本-

若不是这些缘由,必另有非分的念头                   如果这都不是理由,一定另有妄想

 暗地里挑逗指使,促成这鲁莽的步骤:     使他变得利令智昏,仓猝奔走。

把他的显赫地位、荣誉、功业、亲友,     他已把荣誉、国务、朋友和声望

  一股脑儿丢在脑后,只顾狂奔疾走,      全抛在一边,心中只有一个念头;

 为平息炽烈的情欲,急切地求索不休。                不扑灭胸中的欲火,他决不甘休。

  这轻狂欲念的热焰,会卷入悔恨的寒流,            鲁莽的情欲,将被悔恨的严霜包藏,

  过早的萌芽会凋萎,永没有长大的时候!            你的早春将很快凋零,不得久长。

When at Collatium this false lord arrived,                当奸诈的塔昆大驾光临,

 Well was he welcomed by the Roman dame,          柯拉亭的贤妻殷殷相迎,

Within whose face beauty and virtue strived            美与德在她的脸上纷争-

 Which of them both should underprop her fame.      两者该是谁支撑她名声?

 When virtue bragg'd, beauty would blush for shame;德自夸时,美之娇羞浮映;

  When beauty boasted blushes, in despite              美自诩红晕,哪还去理睬-

  Virtue would stain that o'er with silver white.          德在那绯红上涂银抹白?

[附1]:杨徳豫教授译本-         [附2]:陈才宇教授译本-

这王子来到城堡,来到柯拉廷邸宅,                    当这虚伪的王子到达科拉廷,

 受到了鲁克丽丝殷勤优渥的接待;                        他受到罗马贵妇殷勤的接待,

只见她的面颊间,“美”与“德”互相比赛,       她的脸上美与德展开竞争,

 争辩着:她的声誉,是靠谁撑举起来;                  任何一方都想将她的美名主宰。

 当“德”自鸣得意,“美”就羞红了脸腮;           当德得意洋洋,美就羞红脸腮;

  当“美”嫣然炫耀那一片绯红的霞彩,                  如果美将那一片红晕炫耀,

  “德”就轻蔑地涂染它,给它抹一层银白。           德就轻蔑地涂以银白的色调。

But beauty, in that white intituled,                               白既得名于爱神的鸽子,

 From Venus' doves doth challenge that fair field:       便在美的领域独步一时;

Then virtue claims from beauty beauty's red,             而对于红色,德一再坚持,

 Which virtue gave the golden age to gild                    是它给黄金时代的恩赐-

 Their silver cheeks, and call'd it then their shield;       用以护颊,为银白作修饰;

  Teaching them thus to use it in the fight,                    教脸蛋儿如何应付争吵,

  When shame assail'd, the red should fence the white.红要保护白,-当羞辱袭扰。

[附1]:杨徳豫教授译本-         [附2]:陈才宇教授译本-

 “美”以维纳斯的白鸽作为凭证和理由,⑧   但美却说白色来自维纳斯的鸽子,

 说“德”占有的白色,应该归“美”所有;   并声称白色本来就是美的财产;

对“美”占有的红颜,“德”也提出要求,   紧接着德又对红颜提出异议:

 说红颜本来属于“德”,由“德”亲手传授   早在黄金时代,德就用红色来化妆

 给芳华盛放的少女,让两颊红白相糅,     少女白色的脸颊,称它为护身屏障,

  让红颜充当金盾,当羞辱来犯的时候,                教她们在战场上如何予以运用,

  它就要挺身防守,把白色掩护在身后。                当羞愧进犯,红就充当白的先锋。

This heraldry in Lucrece' face was seen,      鲁克瑞丝脸上现此纹章,

 Argued by beauty's red and virtue's white    美之红、德之白各有主张-

Of either's colour was the other queen,        彼此的颜色是对方女王,

 Proving from world's minority their right:       为证明权利,追溯至洪荒。

 Yet their ambition makes them still to fight;   它俩心高气盛,老在争抢;

  The sovereignty of either being so great,     双方各具备强大的实力,

  That oft they interchange each other's seat.攻防转换,时而互占交椅。

[附1]:杨徳豫教授译本-         [附2]:陈才宇教授译本-

“德”的莹洁的白色,“美”的浓艳的红装,      鲁克丽丝脸上显示出这样的纹章,

 在鲁克丽丝脸上,勾出瑰丽的纹章;                    美的红色和德的白色相互辉映;

红颜、白色都争做两种颜色的女王,                    任何一方都想在对方面前称王,

 为证明它们的权柄,追溯到远古洪荒。                 证明自己亘古以来拥有的权柄;

 争夺王位的雄心,使它们互不相让;                     然而,野心促使他俩继续抗争,

  双方威力都强大,真个是旗鼓相当,                     双方都具有压倒一切的神力,

  时而这一方占先,时而那一方居上。                     因此,胜与负的位置不断更替。

Their silent war of lilies and of roses,                    姣颜上玫瑰与百合交锋,

 Which Tarquin view'd in her fair face's field,         塔昆窥伺这无声的战争:

In their pure ranks his traitor eye encloses;          贼眼困陷于贞洁的士兵,

 Where, lest between them both it should be kill'd,红白对阵中它唯恐丧生,

 The coward captive vanquished doth yield           这卑怯的降俘两边投诚;

  To those two armies that would let him go,           交战的两军宁放其一命,

  Rather than triumph in so false a foe.                  -谁愿逮窝囊废也算得胜?

[附1]:杨徳豫教授译本-         [附2]:陈才宇教授译本-

塔昆仿佛瞧见了:百合与玫瑰的兵丁⑨                百合与玫瑰进行这场无声的战争,

 以她的秀颊为战场,进行着无声的战争;             塔昆从她脸上看得清清楚楚,

这两支纯正的队伍,围住他奸邪的眼睛;             两支纯洁的军队包围住奸邪的眼睛,

 在两军对垒之中,惟恐丢失了性命,                    由于害怕在两军夹击下一命呜呼,

 这卑怯败北的俘虏,向两军屈服投诚;⑩             怯懦的俘虏只得向大军表示屈服;

  它们发现擒获的是一个冒牌的谬种,                    凯旋之师对于如此虚伪的仇敌,

  宁可将它放走,也不愿奏凯庆功。                        宁可把它放走,也不愿夸耀胜利。

Now thinks he that her husband's shallow tongue,-    塔昆想起她老公的笨嘴,

 The niggard prodigal that praised her so,-                 -张扬而吝惜地将她赞美,

In that high task hath done her beauty wrong,              -太太的美貌他无力描绘,

 Which far exceeds his barren skill to show:                   苍白的表达力远远不配!

 Therefore that praise which Collatine doth owe             因而他那些赞语的欠亏-

  Enchanted Tarquin answers with surmise,                    令迷醉的塔昆想入非非,

  In silent wonder of still-gazing eyes.                              他惊呆了双眼,无言以对。

[附1]:杨徳豫教授译本-         [附2]:陈才宇教授译本-

这时他不禁想起:她丈夫的俗调凡腔,                这时他想起她那说话肤浅的丈夫,

 虽盛赞她的美貌,其实是将她诬枉;                    尽管这吝啬鬼已极力将她颂扬,

有如悭吝的浪子,难将这重任承当,                    但他仍让她的美蒙冤受屈,

 他那贫乏的口才,远不配将她颂扬。                    他的笨嘴远没有将丽质描绘圆满。

 对这丽质的礼赞,柯拉廷亏下的欠账,                 科拉丁的礼赞因此仍欠下一笔账,

  心神眩惑的塔昆,用玄思遐想来补偿,                 着了迷的塔昆睁大眼睛凝视,

  他睁着惊奇的两眼,张口结舌地凝望。                 在默愕与遐想中将欠账弥补。

This earthly saint, adored by this devil,               这凡间圣徒,魔鬼也作揖,

 Little suspecteth the false worshipper;                怎对伪善的崇拜者起疑?

For unstain'd thoughts do seldom dream on evil;头脑单纯,罪恶几不梦及;

 Birds never limed no secret bushes fear.            鸟未中套,何惧树丛诡秘?

 So guiltless she securely gives good cheer        美人太无戒心,款以酒席,

  And reverend welcome to her princely guest,     崇敬地恭迎王室的贵宾,

  Whose inward ill no outward harm express'd:     塔昆的外表则深藏祸心:

[附1]:杨徳豫教授译本-         [附2]:陈才宇教授译本-

这位人间的圣徒,受到这魔鬼的崇奉,     被这恶魔崇拜的人间圣者,

 对这伪善的朝拜者,不曾有些许疑心;     一点也不怀疑虚伪的奸人,

纯净无瑕的心灵,难得做一场噩梦,      纯洁的心灵做梦也见不到罪恶;

 没上过当的鸟雀,不惧怕诡秘的幽林;     没栽过陷阱的鸟不惧诡秘的丛林。

 无邪的鲁克丽丝,安心接待了贵宾,      清白无辜的她未有丝毫戒心,

  以殷勤和悦的风度,向王子表示欢迎;     她对贵客和颜悦色、盛情迎迓,

  他外貌温文有礼,看不出内心奸佞。            他内藏祸心,表面上温文尔雅。

For that he colour'd with his high estate,         他以高贵的身份作伪装,

 Hiding base sin in plaits of majesty;                 体面的衣褶将劣迹隐藏;

That nothing in him seem'd inordinate,            他身上看不出有何狂浪,

 Save something too much wonder of his eye,  唯眼神时显露过度惊惶,

 Which, having all, all could not satisfy;             啥都有了,还存非分之想;

  But, poorly rich, so wanteth in his store,           贫穷的富豪,拥有还嫌少,

  That, cloy'd with much, he pineth still for more.多得腻饱了,他依然想要。

[附1]:杨徳豫教授译本-         [附2]:陈才宇教授译本-

他用尊贵的身份,掩饰歹恶的心机,                   他以尊贵的身份把自己伪装,

 将他卑劣的罪孽,藏入威严的外衣;                   卑劣的罪恶在堂皇的仪态中藏起;

他不曾显露什么逾越礼法的形迹,                       表面上他一点也不显得反常,

 只除了有时眼睛里流露过多的惊奇;                    只是眼睛流露出过多的惊奇,

 眼睛已享有一切,仍未能餍足心意;                    那眼睛贪得无厌,永远不能满足;

  虽豪富却又似贫穷,贪欲永远无底,                    贫苦的富翁,享有万贯家财仍要叫穷,

  攫取的已经太多,仍渴求更多的东西。                 已经吃得太多,仍像饿鬼般叫得挺凶。

But she, that never coped with stranger eyes,           女主人未见过陌生眼眸,

 Could pick no meaning from their parling looks,        目光之意味,她琢磨不透,

Nor read the subtle-shining secrecies                       书页上呆板的眉批背后-

 Writ in the glassy margents of such books:               她不懂闪烁其词的隐幽:

 She touch'd no unknown baits, nor fear'd no hooks; 未接触诱饵,怎担心钓钩?

  Nor could she moralize his wanton sight,                   塔昆睁着两眼,对着亮光,

  More than his eyes were open'd to the light.             -女主人怎解其目中轻狂!

[附1]:杨徳豫教授译本-         [附2]:陈才宇教授译本-

但她从未遭遇过陌生人目光的窥伺,                   她从未见过生人窥视的目光,

 从含情欲语的双眸,看不出任何暗示;               不懂得眉目传情的真正含义,

这一本奇异的图书,书页边写有注释,⑾            在这金光闪亮的书页的边端,

 而她却不曾领悟那幽微闪烁的奥旨;                   她猜不透写在其中的精微奥秘。

 她全未虑及钓钩,她从未触及诱饵;                   她从未碰过诱饵,不会害怕钩子,

  她只见塔昆的两眼,在天光白日中注视,            她不能理解那轻薄放荡的眼神,

  那轻狂目光的含意,她却茫然不知。                   只当他睁开双眼向往着光明。


He stories to her ears her husband's fame,         他吹捧她老公,谎话连篇,

 Won in the fields of fruitful Italy;                           说他在意大利沃土凯旋;

And decks with praises Collatine's high name,     他将柯拉亭的威名渲染:

 Made glorious by his manly chivalry                     骑士的气派,灼灼的光焰,

 With bruised arms and wreaths of victory:            斑驳的盔甲,胜利的花环。

  Her joy with heaved-up hand she doth express,   夫人扬起手,表达着欣喜,

  And, wordless, so greets heaven for his success.为丈夫的成就默谢上帝。

[附1]:杨徳豫教授译本-         [附2]:陈才宇教授译本-

他向她耳边述说:意大利这片沃土上,                他对她说:在富饶的意大利疆场,

 她丈夫战功赫赫,博得了新的荣光;                    她的丈夫为自己赢得崇高的声誉;

他用谀词来赞美柯拉廷崇高的声望,                    他对科拉丁的英名大加称赞,

 说他的勇武气概,更使他威名远扬,                    说他如何具有豪爽的骑士风度,

 头戴胜利的花冠,身披受创的戎装;                    如何身经百战,战功何等卓著。

  她听了,把手儿举起,表达内心的欢畅,             她举起双手表示自己的欢喜,

  为他的这番成就,默默地祝谢上苍。                    为他的功勋默默地感激上帝。

Far from the purpose of his coming hither,    他胡编藉口以谎言相欺,

 He makes excuses for his being there:          远不是塔昆此行的目的;

No cloudy show of stormy blustering weather在他那白净的眉宇额际,

 Doth yet in his fair welkin once appear;         看不出风暴阴霾的端倪;

 Till sable Night, mother of Dread and Fear,   直到恐惧之母-夜幕垂地,

  Upon the world dim darkness doth display, 将世界覆罩在晦黯之中,

  And in her vaulty prison stows the Day.         白昼被收藏于穹顶牢笼。

[附1]:杨徳豫教授译本-         [附2]:陈才宇教授译本-

塔昆不动声色,隐藏起真实图谋,                       他胡诌了一些前来造访的借口,

 信口胡诌了一篇前来造访的借口;                       而将此行真正的意图蓄意隐瞒。

在他晴朗的天空里,始终也不曾闪露                   暴风雨来临前乌云翻滚的征候,

 预示风暴将临的阴霾滚滚的征候;                       丝豪没有流露在他明净的脸上,

 直到浓黑的夜晚—恐怖和畏惧的母后,                直到漆黑的夜,恐怖与畏怯的女王,

  舒展晦冥的暗影,覆罩无垠的宇宙,                    撒下昏暗的罗网罩住大地,

  在穹窿为顶的狱里,把天光白日幽囚。                把白昼囚禁在拱形的牢狱里。

For then is Tarquin brought unto his bed,                       餐后缠着端庄的女主人,

 Intending weariness with heavy spright;                          他东问西问,直谈至夜深;

For, after supper, long he questioned                             随后塔昆被安排去就寝,

 With modest Lucrece, and wore out the night:                 瞌睡虫搅得他恹恹犯困,

   Now leaden slumber with life's strength doth fight;           活力、生气,斗着眼皮沉沉;

  And every one to rest themselves betake,                       每个人都要去安歇睡觉,

  Save thieves, and cares, and troubled minds, that wake.除了贼盗,或是忧心烦恼。

[附1]:杨徳豫教授译本-         [附2]:陈才宇教授译本-

于是塔昆被引到供他安寝的处所,       然后塔昆被引进安寝的地方,

 自称身子困乏,精神也不复振作;       他有意装出十分疲惫的样子;

因为他晚餐以后,与鲁克丽丝对坐,      因为晚饭后他与鲁克丽丝交谈,

 交谈了不短的时光,不觉把夜晚消磨;     时间过了很久,长夜很快消逝,

 如今浓重的睡意,与生命的精力相搏;      沉重的睡意战胜生命的精力,

  人人到这个时辰,都要上床安卧,       每个人这时都安顿自己就寝,

  只有窃贼、忧虑者、骚乱的心灵醒着。          不睡的只有盗贼和忧虑的心灵。

As one of which doth Tarquin lie revolving                   塔昆即如此,他躺着思量-

 The sundry dangers of his will's obtaining;                   那种种风险-为如愿以偿;

Yet ever to obtain his will resolving,                              尽管不牢靠,也劝其收缰,

 Though weak-built hopes persuade him to abstaining: 但总得设法去实现欲望:

 Despair to gain doth traffic oft for gaining;                    绝望中哪还顾手段肮脏!

  And when great treasure is the meed proposed,          当预期珍宝可坐享其成,

  Though death be adjunct, there's no death supposed.纵搭上性命,也心存侥幸。

[附1]:杨徳豫教授译本-         [附2]:陈才宇教授译本-

塔昆就属于这一伙,睡不着,心里嘀咕,    塔昆躺在床上辗转反侧苦苦思索,

 盘算着:要满足心愿,会遇到哪些险阻;    掂量他的谋划可能遭际的种种危险;

他明知希望微茫,不如抽身退步,       尽管渺茫的希望曾规劝他趁早却步,

 却还是断然决定:让心愿得到满足;      但他最后还是下决心一意孤行;

 获利无望的时候,会更加惟利是图;      越是陷入绝境,他越想计谋得逞,

  只要预期的犒赏是一宗名贵的宝物,      只要预计的报酬是一笔宝藏,

  哪怕有性命之忧,也全然置之不顾。            纵然死亡在前,他也顾它不上。

Those that much covet are with gain so fond,      渴望多得者,总贪得无厌,

 For what they have not, that which they possess 其未占有的,要多多益善,

They scatter and unloose it from their bond,        其所占有的,却撒手不管,

 And so, by hoping more, they have but less;        故而虽多贪,反而在消减;

 Or, gaining more, the profit of excess                   或是得多了,好处极可观-

  Is but to surfeit, and such griefs sustain,               但却放纵挥霍,备受折磨,

  That they prove bankrupt in this poor-rich gain.   大户最终也破败而沦落。

[附1]:杨徳豫教授译本-         [附2]:陈才宇教授译本-

贪多务得的人们,痴迷地谋求取到       贪得无厌的人往往头脑发昏,

 那尚未取到的种种,原有的却执掌不牢,    自己没有的一切,他们都想得到,

那已经取到的种种,便因此松脱、丢掉:    而已经有的一切,反而流失消损,

 他们贪求的愈多,他们占有的愈少;      因此,他们贪求越多,得到越少,

 或是占有的虽多,而由于填塞得过饱,      或者占有虽多,却由于撑得太饱,

  结果是疳积难消,反而备尝苦恼,       最终好处全无,徒生诸多痛苦,

  他们是假富真穷,成了破产的富豪。           成了拥有万贯家财的破落户。

The aim of all is but to nurse the life                   所有人都只为滋润生活-

 With honour, wealth, and ease in waning age;   以荣华、富贵,及晚景安乐;

And in this aim there is such thwarting strife,   为此目标,便有你争我夺,

 That one for all, or all for one we gage;              或我为众人,或众人为我;

 As life for honour in fell battle's rage;                 为荣名而战,以生死相搏;

  Honour for wealth; and oft that wealth doth cost荣誉为财富,财产常要命-

  The death of all, and all together lost.                到头来一切都丧失干净!

[附1]:杨徳豫教授译本-         [附2]:陈才宇教授译本-

人人都希求荣誉、财富、安宁的晚景,                每个人都想有个安逸的晚年,

 而为了赢得它们,要经历险阻重重,                   享受荣誉、财富和人生的逍遥;

有时为它们全体,丢弃其中的一种,                   但要如愿以偿却有诸多艰辛,

 有时为其中一种,将全体丢弃一空;                   我们不是舍小求大,就得舍大求小;

 鏖战时激情如火,为荣誉可舍生命;                   就像战场上为荣誉连性命也得丢掉,

  为财富可舍荣誉;财富常招致纷争,                   但为财富抛弃荣誉,往往一无所得,

  终于毁灭了一切,一切都丧失干净。                   到头来财富和荣誉全部丧失。

So that in venturing ill we leave to be          于是陷足于冒险的罪恶,

 The things we are for that which we expect;我们为所求,已不复自我;

And this ambitious foul infirmity,                  而邪恶、病态的野心勃勃,

 In having much, torments us with defect     占有不少,犹觉缺欠折磨,

 Of that we have: so then we do neglect      忽视了我们已拥有许多;

  The thing we have; and, all for want of wit, 全只为缺乏聪明与理智,

  Make something nothing by augmenting it.扩张、增殖,反而缩水、流失。

[附1]:杨徳豫教授译本-         [附2]:陈才宇教授译本-

我们若肆意贪求,来满足某种希冀,      因此,如果为了私欲一意孤行,

 也就迷失了本性,不再是我们自己;      我们就会丧失本性中的自己,

当我们资财丰裕,可憎的贪婪恶癖       贪得无厌其实是一种非分的野心,

 偏叫人想到缺欠,把我们折磨不已;      丰裕了仍嫌不足,那是自讨苦吃:

 这样,对已得的资财,我们置之不理;     因为这时你会将已有的一切忽视,

  只因少了点聪明,我们且取且弃,       由于缺乏理智,通过不断累积,

  通过不断的增殖,变成一贫如洗。             你并没有变富,反而一贫如洗。



    8. 維納斯的車輦由兩只鴿子牽挽,已見《維納斯与阿都尼》第1190行。

    9. “百合”代表白色,“玫瑰”代表紅顏。

   10. “俘虜”,指“奸邪的眼睛”。

   11. 這里是把王子的臉比作“圖書”,把他的眼神比作頁邊的“詮釋”。《羅密歐与朱麗






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